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Why We Do It . . . Because Love Never Grows Old

Sunset Seniors is a truly unique sanctuary concept for elder dogs.  At our sanctuary the dogs live together in a cage-free environment.   Located in the pristine Driftless Area of Southwest Wisconsin, our dogs have room to run and play. This open design ensures that they are stress-free, happy and sleep in warm beds at night.  

Too often older dogs are surrendered to shelters because their owners can no longer care for them .... older dogs have special needs and are more difficult to adopt.  Older owners may have to surrender the dogs due to their own illnesses, death or other challenging circumstances.  

 Our mission is to provide a caring, long-term home for senior dogs whose owners can no longer care for them.  Owners can designate their preference for seeking foster/adoptive homes for their dogs, or having them live out their lives at the sanctuary. t Nursery Farm

Evidence suggests that dogs become stressed by standard rescue kennel facilities.   It is especially stressful for a senior dog who has spent their entire life with their owners and now find themselves in a strange or unfamiliar environment.    

Our cage-free environment is designed to minimize the stress of transitioning to a new living situation and allow the dog to bond with other senior dogs in a caring, home-like environment.

The sanctuary is run by two dedicated, veteran professionals and dog lovers, Amber Ghelf and Linda Kica.

Our Services

Long-Term Dog Care

Dogs are our best friends, confidants and traveling companions. We’ve spent our lives feeding, watering, petting, comforting and taking care of our dog(s). But who will do this if you are no longer able to care for the dog or die? Our responsibility to our dogs doesn't end when we become unable to care for them.

If you or a family member needs to go to an Assisted Living Facility or a Nursing Home Facility, giving up a  dog is a serious stress factor on your health and recovery.

Sunset Seniors will care for the dog in our kennel-free environment. And we will make arrangements for the dog to visit the owner if in a near-by care facility in accordance with the facilities policies.

Education & Wellness

Animal welfare is widely acknowledged as being complex multidisciplinary and multifactorial with scientific, biological, psychological, ethological, ethical, philosophical, social, cultural, economic, and political influences and consequences. 

The impact of humans on all animals and their environment ensures that the relationship with people is central to animal welfare. It is also widely accepted that understanding and ensuring an individual domestic animal’s welfare needs are met throughout its lifecycle is a human responsibility 

The welfare of most dogs living in homes is largely unknown. However, national surveys carried out by animal welfare charities and findings by animal welfare researchers have shown significant deterioration in some key aspects of dog welfare. 

For example, more dogs presenting to vets with behavioural problems, obesity, and ill-health due to poor breeding practices. This means that some dogs are suffering due to their owners’ behaviours or ownership practices. 

Educating dog owners as to how best to look after their dogs is, and has been seen by many, as key to improving the welfare of dogs living in homes. 

We are passionate about provide general education to humans on how to enhance the quality of life for canines. (source: The National Library of Medicine)

Adoption, Foster Care & Rescue

Are you interested in fostering canines?

If you are ready to roll your sleeves up and provide life-saving care to an animal, fostering may be for you! 

Fostering is a key part of an animal’s path to adoption!  Consider becoming a volunteer at Sunset Seniors to give temporary shelter, care and love to the animals that need it the most.

We are always looking for new foster parents.  Signing up is easy and just a click away.  

Whether you’re interested special needs dogs, elder dogs or both, you can be sure that you will be making an invaluable difference in the life and welfare of dogs worthy of your time and compassion.

Ask our staff to the simple steps to qualify as a foster dog angel.

And because of our strong network in the local community of shelters, vets and special assistance organizations, we also have assisted in successful situations where dog rescue is the best option for the health and welfare of the animal.

Our Founders

The sanctuary is run by two dedicated, veteran professionals and dog lovers.

“I was the manager at the Driftless Humane Society for almost five years.  Our dogs are our life, and as  my husband and I get older we are increasingly concerned about what will happen to them should we go into assisted living, or a nursing home, or die. “

– Linda Kica

“My vision for the sanctuary came from my love for senior dogs and the desire to provide them a safe, stable, loving home in their final years.” 

– Amber Ghelf

Our Location

Our Sanctuary 

128 W. Main St., Readstown, WI

A Sanctuary for Elder Dogs . . . Because Love Never Grows Old


contact: admin@sunsetseniors.org

We are a nonprofit and a 501(c)(3) organization

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